“St Marks Preschool and Kindergarten is a wonderful place to work. It is a wonderful and diverse community of children, families, and staff. I have never been around so many positive, encouraging, and conscientious people. Everything is done with great care and thoughtfulness. Creativity, social growth, and individuality are always fostered and truly appreciated not only for the children but as a community as a whole. There is always laughter and discovery filling each classroom. It is honestly a joyous place to be. I feel very lucky to be part of this environment and I feel I have learned so much in the past few years at St Marks Preschool and Kindergarten. I would love to be able to pay it forward and continue to create loving and enriching environments for children.”
Shyleigh Scott

“When my husband and I began surveyingTucson preschools for our daughter (age 3 1/2), we had a clear vision of what we wanted. A strong sense of community and a staff culture that demonstrated strong social values. We wanted a place that provided our child with positive encouragement each and every day. We looked for these principles because our wish for her was deceptively simple: we wanted her to fall in love with preschool- to know it as a place where friends gather to learn and explore. St. Mark’s has granted us our wish in ways greater than we could have imagined. Our daughter is thriving. She was a Bear and can’t wait to be a Wild Thing next year. Than you St. Mark’s.”

From: Aimee A.

“We have been lucky to have both of our children attend St. Marks. We are amazed at the exceptional quality of education and care all children experience at St. Marks. Not to mention the good plain fun, too! We have looked at numerous preschools throughout the Tucson community and nothing can compare to St. Marks.”

From: Lia K

“My son started at St Mark’s in Miss Leticia/Miss Emilie’s class when he was 3 yrs old. He loved it and still loves it (he just finished kinder with Miss Kathy & Miss Norla) – we are going to summer camp as well and are sad that St. Mark’s does not go beyond Kindergarten. The teachers & admin are excellent. They worked with my son and were completely onboard with supporting his special needs and allowing support staff from outside the school assist with my child’s development. I cannot recommend them highly enough. My son is reading, writing, adding & has a keen interest in science, thanks to focus (in a fun and appropriate manner for a 5-6 yr old) of the lessons. It is a great school! I have never heard of anyone that had a bad experience at St. Marks.”

From: Denise M

“It starts with the teachers — that is my theory. The teachers are passionate, dedicated, and unusually well trained. So they attract the great parent community we have at St. Mark’s. Or maybe it starts with the Director, because she is so involved and has the unique knack to select and hire such incredible teachers. And together the staff and the teachers attracted the parents. Or… maybe some original parent group was so cohesive and so strong they laid the foundation for what St. Mark’s has become. I do not know how it started, so I’ll throw out my theory. But the bottom line is this: St. Marks Preschool and Kindergarten has ALL the pieces — clean, safe, and fun facilities; truly superb and in my opinion “world class” teachers; and a wonderful community of parents and children.

My first born son is now in 1st grade GATE and I am amazed at the number of St. Marks kids in TUSD’s GATE program. The connections with St. Marks and GATE, or with St. Mark’s and Tucson’s more prestigious private schools, are numerous and strong. My son’s teacher, who formerly substitute taught at St. Mark’s, also has GATE kids, and she put her kids thru St. Mark’s. Two of his classmates are from St. Mark’s. And more St. Mark’s kids in other grades of GATE. I could go on and on, but the point is St. Mark’s shines in preparing your kids for the future while doing so in a way that they truly develop a love for learning. And on top of that, St. Mark’s brings you into a positive, diverse community that you will be connected to probably for the rest of your life.

My wife and I really value that community. We are thankful to have such first class teachers and mentors for our sons to learn from. We appreciate that our son’s peers at St. Mark’s turn out to be such wonderful kids themselves. We both feel incredibly blessed to have discovered St. Mark’s for our children, and could not recommend any school more highly. ”

From: Dave P

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