The Nature Class

Room D (Pre-K)

The Nature Class
Mascot: Coyotes

Teacher: Ms. Anna
Assistant: Ms. Lisa
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About Anna: I’ve been assisting in the Pre-K classroom since 2011 and have been the lead teacher since 2016.  I love every minute of it!  I have two daughters that are alumni of St. Mark’s and loved the community and philosophy of the school so much, that I came back as a teacher several years after they left.  My previous experience comes from teaching preschool in San Francisco and the Bay Area (where I am originally from) and teaching environmental education classes as a UC Berkeley student.  I have also spent many years volunteering in TUSD as an outdoor educator and librarian.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, painting, pottery, and lots of other crafts.  I love learning to do new things and trying to bring creativity and wonder into the classroom on a daily basis!

About LisaI was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and absolutely love it here.  I love hiking and camping with my family.  I also love reading, swimming, cooking and watching movies.  I have 2 wonderful boys who I enjoy spending time with.  I absolutely love working with the amazing staff and children at St. Mark’s.  I am currently working on obtaining my degree in early childhood education and I am looking forward to continuing my career in education.


° Leave notes for your child, even if he/she can’t really read yet. Have them “pretend write” notes back to you. Experimenting with writing is as important to becoming a writer as crawling is to walking.
° Provide special child-friendly places for reading, writing and creating art activities in your home. [Pre-school is not the only place these should be done.]
° Cook and bake with your child. Read packages and recipes together. Even write your own recipes.
° Write shopping lists together.
° Notice and talk about the print all around you, everywhere you go.
° Tell stories and listen to your child’s stories.
° Play language games. [e.g. “I spy”, “Which one doesn’t belong”, “How are these the same/ different.”]
° Read at least one book per day to your child. Talk and read about anything that interests your child.
° Listen to your child read. “Pretend” reading is important. [Go on a field trip to the library]


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