The Nature Class

Room D (Pre-K)

The Nature Class

Teacher: Ms. Anna
Assistant: Ms. Lisa
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About Anna: I’ve been assisting in the Pre-K classroom since 2011 and love every minute of it!  I have two daughters that are alumni of St. Mark’s and loved the community and philosophy of the school so much, that I came back as a teacher several years after they left.  My previous experience comes from teaching preschool in San Francisco and the Bay Area (where I am originally from) and teaching environmental education classes as a UC Berkeley student.  I have also spent many years volunteering in TUSD as an outdoor educator and librarian.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, painting, pottery, and lots of other crafts.  I love learning to do new things and trying to bring creativity and wonder into the classroom on a daily basis!

About LisaLisa Depascal was born and raised in Tucson Arizona and absolutely loves it here.  She is married and has 2 wonderful boys ages 7 and 11.  She is currently working on her degree in elementary education and is so excited to get to work with the wonderful children and staff at St. Mark’s.  Lisa has a great passion for working with children and has been working with them in some capacity since she was 11 years old.  She enjoys cooking, watching movies, and going on hikes with her family!


° Leave notes for your child, even if he/she can’t really read yet. Have them “pretend write” notes back to you. Experimenting with writing is as important to becoming a writer as crawling is to walking.
° Provide special child-friendly places for reading, writing and creating art activities in your home. [Pre-school is not the only place these should be done.]
° Cook and bake with your child. Read packages and recipes together. Even write your own recipes.
° Write shopping lists together.
° Notice and talk about the print all around you, everywhere you go.
° Tell stories and listen to your child’s stories.
° Play language games. [e.g. “I spy”, “Which one doesn’t belong”, “How are these the same/ different.”]
° Read at least one book per day to your child. Talk and read about anything that interests your child.
° Listen to your child read. “Pretend” reading is important. [Go on a field trip to the library]


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